Week in Review

It’s been a great week biking here in Carson City! We’ve had fantastic and interesting conditions up on the trails, and brand new bike lanes have opened up along a vital urban corridor. Here’s a look at what was happening this week.

Creek Trail
Cortney Bloomer and Ashley Dale on the Creek Trail

The week started off with mild weather, and enough snow had melted to allow us to ride the Creek Trail. The November storms had left the trail frozen for weeks, so it was a real treat to get to ride this fantastic trail again. I had almost forgotten how fun it was, but all the grins from the riders were a good reminder!

Rainy Commute Home
Rainy commute home on the Ute

On Tuesday, epic riding conditions disappeared into clouds and buckets of rain. I rode my fendered Kona Ute, but I’m not sure that bought me anything. My borrowed Goretex pants soaked through in the first mile to work, and water was running into my boots. I was thankful for the dry shoes, socks, and underwear I had stashed in my desk at work! I really need to figure out rain protection for my lower half. The way home that night was much better though, with a light drizzle and energizing tail wind. It was one of those commutes that I was sorry when the ride was over.

Snow Ride
Cortney Bloomer on the Deer Run Trail

Rain turned to snow in the mountains Tuesday night, and we awoke to ideal riding conditions once again. We didn’t have moist sand like on Monday, but we had snow that was perfect for riding in. It was cold and powdery, with plenty of traction for climbing and descending! Once up on the upper trails, we were completely in the snow, but we were able to keep going. Our tires were slipping around here and there, but for the most part, you could really keep your speed.

Snow Ride
Scott Russel on the Four Day Trail

Snow Ride
Scott Jeffries on the Evidence Trail

Snow Ride
Cortney Bloomer – Peace, Snow, and Singletrack

Snow Ride
Scott Russel on the Evidence Trail

Snow Ride
Scott and Cortney on the Evidence Trail

If you’ve never bombed down a hill in the snow, let me tell you…it’s fantastic! The snow deadens most of the sounds you usually hear, leaving only the wind in the trees above and the crunch of the tires on the ground. Very peaceful and serene.

Snow Ride
Snowy Descent back to Carson City

Way back in the Fall of 2009, Muscle Powered approached the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission about including bicycle lanes in the plan to widen Roop Street. Roop Street is a vital cycling corridor, as it is the only road other than HWY 395 that crosses Carson City without interruption, nearly all the way from county line to county line. Thanks to support from the cycling community, the RTC was persuaded to have the contractor revise the plans!

Roop Street Grand Opening
Donna Inversin at the Roop Street Opening Ceremony

On December 16th, over a year later, the ribbon was cut, the cones removed, and Roop Street was open once again for business. There is now plenty of room for cars, bikes, and pedestrians, and Muscle Powered’s relationship with the city has never been better! A big thanks goes out to all who were involved in this project, it was a big win for cyclists!

Members from Muscle Powered attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and were the first cyclists to officially ride the new bike lanes on Roop Street. This included Donna Inversin, who after retiring, finally decided it was time to learn how to ride a bike! Great job, Donna! I’m proud of you!

More news on the Roop Street ceremony can be found over on CarsonNow.org.

Morning Commute
Morning Commute – Self Portrait

A winter storm greeted us Friday morning. I knew weather was on its way, but was really surprised to see how much snow was already accumulating. I decided on the 29″ wheeled Karate Monkey for the day’s snow riding, hoping that I wouldn’t encounter too much ice. It’s still snowing as I write this, and more snow is forecasted for the next several days. What cycling adventures lie ahead are anyone’s guess…

2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Hiked the Longview trail w/ ruby this AM and noticed that the old beater chevy truck is gone. Thanks go to whoever/whatever group pulled it out !

  2. What a beautiful place to live! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a cousin in Tahoe, Tony Vitali, and he says that they are literally getting buried with snow. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

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