Foggy Morning Commute

On December 23rd we awoke to a thick covering of freezing fog, or Pogonip as it is called around here. Visibility in all directions was severely limited, and the roads were slick. While these conditions proved to be hazardous for motorists, it was one of the best bicycle commutes of the year for me!

Foggy Cemetery
Lone Mountain Cemetery

I knew there would be some good photo opportunities along the route, but couldn’t decide where to go. The new bike lanes on Roop Street? Downtown Carson City? And then I remembered the Lone Mountain Cemetery, just up ahead along my route. It might not be the season for a display of misty cemetery photos, but you have to take photographic opportunities as they arise.

Foggy Cemetery
The grave of Abe Curry

I was not disappointed as I rolled past the cemetery gates. I pedaled along the narrow roads, listened to the frozen sand crunch under my tires, and headed over to the old section of the graveyard. I love the crooked gates, old brick mausoleums, and leaning headstones in this area. I even visited Abe Curry’s grave…Abe was one of the founding fathers of Carson City.

Foggy Cemetery
Good Morning, Mausoleum!

As I wandered the cemetery grounds, I noticed my jacket looked dirty as if I had brushed up against something. Closer examination revealed that I was becoming covered in ice crystals! The air was damp and thick and reminded me of being in a room with a humidifier running at full steam. My beard was getting heavy with moisture and ice.

Foggy Cemetery
Cemetery Fog

I left the stillness and solitude of the cemetery, and merged into the hustle and bustle along the new bike lanes of Roop Street. I’m really liking them! Even though it adds a little distance to my commute, the simplicity of the straight shot is relaxing and seems to get me downtown quickly. My previous route took me through dangerous parking lots, and required darting across highways.

I haven’t hit the trails in about a week, so bicycle commuting has pretty much been my only riding. It was a treat to have such a cool ride to work on the same old roads!

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