2011 Ergon Commuter Team

It’s my pleasure to announce that Bike Carson will be partnering with Ergon in 2011 as part of the 2011 Ergon Commuter Team! Ergon is a bicycle accessory company whose aim is to develop products that offer the best ergonomics for cyclists, which combine the best scientific principles with the practicality of real world usage. The development team at Ergon is made up of specialists in various areas; there are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, ergonomics experts, engineers and industrial designers.

ERGON Urban Cycling from ergon on Vimeo.

12 riders out of hundreds that applied were selected from all over the USA and Canada, and will make up the first ever Ergon commuter team. Here’s a look at the riders and where they’re from:

Chris Huller – Washington DC
Arleigh Jenkins – Charlotte, NC
Tom Armstrong – Louisville, KY
Kenneth Walker – Kansas City, MO
Jeff Moser – Carson City, NV
Kenneth Cheeseman – Boston, MA
Dave Malwitz – Newbury Park, CA
Jon Makela – Portland, OR
Andrew Coffey – Chicago, IL
Jack Sweeney – Tampa, FL
James Osborne – Denver, CO
Ron Adolf – Vancouver, BC

During the year, these select riders will share their commuting experience…all while using some of the Ergon commuter friendly products like the GP1 BioKork grips, BC3 backpacks, PC2 pedal, and new gloves. More information about the Ergon Commuter Team can be found on the Ergon blog HERE.

I will be sharing my experiences here on Bike Carson, but you will be able to follow the whole team via the Ergon social media sites.

Blog: www.ergon-bike.com/us/en/blog/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Ergon-International/29970736242
Twitter: twitter.com/Ergon_Intl

3 thoughts on “2011 Ergon Commuter Team

  1. Wow, Jeff! Congratulations on becoming a real life,
    genuine, pro-fessional bicycle commuter. Some day I am going to
    tell my kids that I knew you when you were still an amateur
    commuter. They will ask, “Did you ever commute with him?” and I
    will say “No, he was too fast even back then……..and we didn’t
    live or work near each other.”

  2. Jeff, This being teammates thing could be fun! I am not
    car-free, but I ride year-round (within certain parameters*). I’m
    mostly a recumbent bike guy, but have a ’74 Raleigh three-speed on
    which I’ll be using my Ergon gear (unless I break down and get a
    bike for snow days). Tom Armstrong Louisville KY

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