Stateline to Stateline Bikeway Project

I attended the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting this week, and was excited to learn of the progress on the Stateline to Stateline Bikeway Project. When completed, the entire 30+ mile Nevada Stateline to Stateline Bikeway will extend from the Nevada Stateline in Crystal Bay to the Nevada Stateline in South Lake Tahoe!  This will be a welcome addition to the east side of Lake Tahoe, as currently there is only narrow, dangerous, highway access for bicycles on most of the Nevada side.

Tahoe Rim Trail / Flume Trail Loop
The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe

The bikeway will be separated from the highway…not merely a bike lane…and will provide non-auto transportation opportunities that link recreation areas, community centers, transportation facilities, and neighborhoods in the bikeway corridor to expand recreational access and transportation choices for residents and visitors to the Tahoe Basin.   Construction is planned to begin on the southern portion, possibly as early as this spring!

Here is the PDF version of the Bikeway presentation HERE.

For further information, visit the official website here:

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