March Begins

March has begun, and the great piles of snow have started to melt. There are storms on the horizon, but the temperatures seem to be on the rise. My bike has been brought back into the commuting mix, and the road bike even came out of the shed this morning. The plan is to go out at lunch for some miles and a little hill climbing. I have a feeling it’s going to hurt!

Muscle Powered
Muscle Powered at Comma Coffee

I was recently riding by the gas station, and got this photo of the rising gas prices. These prices remind me of the $4 gas from a couple years ago. Demand for simple commuter bikes went up during this time, and the bicycle industry shifted focus from racing replicas to producing full lines of great city bikes. The gas prices went back down again, many people went back to their old ways, but the great selection of bikes still remains. I see this being a great year for the bicycle industry, and I’m hoping we have large participation in May’s Bike Month this year!

On the Rise
Gas prices on the rise – Yet another reason to ride!

I think a lot of people feel trapped when energy prices get so high, often blaming someone else that it’s just not fair. What can we do? Bicycle traffic only accounts for about a percentage or less of all traffic modes here in America though. We need to look at what other cities are doing, especially some of those in other countries.

Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht (Netherlands) III

Check out this video of rush hour in the Netherlands. Some things to notice: A ton of bikes and people walking. People of all sorts participating. Regular clothes and no helmets. A lot of public transportation. A lot of skinny people. It all seems to work rather nicely!

Hope everyone is getting their bikes back out and enjoying some riding!

One thought on “March Begins

  1. Good article to kick-start the biking season. I am thinking about getting my bikes ready to go and realize I really need to convert my road bike into a hyrbid/commuting bike. I can’t do the hunched over riding position anymore.

    Any suggestions?


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