Ash Canyon Trail Report

Here’s a trail report for those of you have been wondering what the Ash Canyon trails are like. Mountain biking is back on the west side of Carson City!

Ash Canyon
Snow Crossing on the Jackrabbit Trail

We ventured out on the fat tired bikes last week to see how far we could get. With all the snow that was just up there, I really wasn’t that optimistic, expecting to find nothing but slush and mud. Immediately upon starting the trail though, I was surprised to find very firm packed sand.

Ash Canyon
Upper Postal Trail with the new berms and water drains

We encountered snow early on in the dips of the Jackrabbit Trail, but it was easy to ride through. We ran into a large snow bank on the beginning of the Postal Trail that had to be hiked over, but used the roads to ride around this section on the rides following. From what I understand though, this large stretch of snow was gone by the weekend.

Ash Canyon
Top of Deer Run on March 11th

We had some crazy wind last week, and it took down at least two trees that fell across the trails. We moved one smaller tree off the trail at the intersection of Deer Run and Baldy Green, but I hear there is a huge tree down even higher up. So big that it might be too big for one trail worker’s chainsaw. This is a good reminder to use caution up in the canyon during high winds. The trees that didn’t survive the 2004 Waterfall Fire continue to rot and topple over.

Ash Canyon
Fallen Tree at the top of Deer Run

Another plus to the improving trail conditions is that it’s Daylight Savings Time! This is good news for people that can’t get away during the day. You should be able to sneak in a quick ride after work now without lights.

Ash Canyon
End of the line on Deer Run, March 9th

I haven’t been over to the Centennial trails, but looking across the valley, I can see that most of the snow has melted from that area too. Has anyone been out there for a ride? How is it?

10 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Trail Report

  1. I was out at Centennial the weekend before last and it is pretty much dry out there! It was my first time so I did not really know where I was going but stayed to the right and headed out towards Mound House. You encounter some snow and mud just after the “stone gates” as the water seems to be running down that little gully. But other than the the trails were clean and nice and packed. For a first ride out there I thought it was great scenery and even encountered some wild horses. Hopefully this storm will wait a day so that I can take my new bike out to one of the trails but we will see.

  2. “I hear there is a huge tree down even higher up. So big that it might be too big for one trail worker’s chainsaw.”

    Wanna Bet?

  3. I rode Centennial today and it was great. The trails were only moist at their worst, but for 99% of the loop I did they were dry, and packed. It was great riding. I saw a lot of horses and they left plenty of “presents” on the trail for all to enjoy.

      1. Hey, don’t be knocking PBR. It was only 10 cents an ounce at the Tap Shack earlier this week! A sensible choice for the man on a budget.

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