The Sheep Have Arrived

Wow, is it that time already? I saw the sheep truck pulling up to the ranch along Ormsby Blvd today, and you could hear all the hungry buggers inside, ready to start chomping on the grass. The sheep do a great job at keeping the cheatgrass trimmed down, so it doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Sheep Truck
Sheep Truck on Ormsby Blvd

According to Ann Bollinger, Carson City Natural Resource Specialist, the sheep will be on the ranch for about a week, then move over near the Green House Garden Center, around C-Hill, then to the north. They’re only running one band this year, though you might also see the second band at the List Ranch in Washoe Valley tomorrow.

Keep your eyes out for these guys when you’re out riding, on the road and on the trail, and be mindful of their presence when taking along your dogs!

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