Upcoming Bike Month Events

There are a few events coming up next week to prepare you for Bike to Work Week and the Carson City Corporate Challenge, so mark your calendars!

Our first flier

Monday, May 9
Cruiser Ride With the Carson City Board of Supervisors
Meet at 11:00 a.m. at Telegraph Square (Telegraph St. & Curry St.)

We have four tandems available for the BOS.  Mayor Bob and Supervisors Karen Abowd, Shelly Aldean and Molly Walt have placed their lives in our hands and are climbing aboard for a fun ride around downtown Carson City with stops along the way for pics at; Telegraph Square, BAC, Governor’s Mansion, Sunset Park and the Capital Grounds.
Please come out and join us!

Shelly and Jeff
Skinny Guy with CC Supervisor Shelly Aldean

Wednesday May 11
Vulnerable Users Procession
Meet at 10:30 a.m. at Greater Nevada Credit Union 911 E. Second

The procession is to support AB328 which amends Nevada’s reckless driving statute to include striking a bicyclist or pedestrian as reckless driving, with penalties up to a $2,000 fine and license suspension. While the law would not of course do everything to protect vulnerable users, its intent is to put drivers on notice that they are sharing the road with these users, and that there will be significant penalties for striking them.
Please come out and show your support!

Flat Tire Repair Clinic at The Bike Smith
900 N. Carson St at 6:00 p.m.

Flat Tire Fix Class at the Bike Smith
First person to name the Three Bees wins a prize

Are you the type of cyclist who loves to ride but has yet to learn the skill of fixing a flat tire? If you would like to learn this valuable and necessary skill you’re in luck. Micky McDowell is teaching a free flat tire repair clinic at The Bike Smith in downtown Carson City. He will demonstrate wheel removal, how to locate the source of the flat, how to repair the flat, and how to reinstall the wheel. All without looking like a grease monkey. If possible, travel to the clinic by bike, and bring a friend.

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge May 16 – 20

There is still time to register for this fun event. To register please send your team name, number of employees, and contact info to: corporatechallengecc@gmail.com

The Jeff’s during Bike Party Half Time

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Bike Month Events


    Margie Quirk, your choice. You have just won an all expenses paid trip to glamorous downtown Stagecoach, Nevada, or, a Muscle Powered Cowbell. Take your pick.

  2. Mmmmm….let me think…tough choice but I think I’ll take what’s behind door number 3. Whoops wrong show…..I’ll take the cowbell.

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