Bike Habitat's 2011 Tour of Carson Report

Here’s a look back on Bike Habitat‘s 2011 Tour of Carson that was held on May 1st…

Tour of Carson 2011
Riders signing up bright and early

This was the biggest turnout for this ride in the 4 years that the Bike Habitat has been doing this event. The registration line was quickly growing, and people kept showing up all the way until ride time. About 50 riders started the ride.

Tour of Carson 2011
Pre-ride preparations

The weather was cool but comfortable, and everyone was enjoying the sunshine. The ride started off a bit different this year, crossing 395 at Topsy instead of the usual Clear Creek Road crossing. This was a nice beginning to the ride. We were quickly away from traffic and onto a twisty road that got us over to Snyder on the back roads.

Tour of Carson 2011
Jon and Shauna

The stretch along Edmonds and Fairview was a bit narrower feeling this year due to all the Freeway construction. Traffic seemed a bit lighter than normal though, and we made it over to 5th street with no problems.

Tour of Carson 2011
Carson River Road

Once we got out to Carson River Road, it was time to relax and enjoy the scenery. The fields were greening up, the livestock was out, and we even spotted a couple bald eagles. The river was busy with bird activity, and made a good spot to take a break and get a photo.

Tour of Carson
Carson River with a nice view of Slide Mountain

Up above the green fields we enjoyed the views of the still snowy Carson Range. Slide Mountain to the north, Snow Valley Peak to the west, Jobs, Freel, and Jobs Sister to the South. You could see for miles in all directions.

Tour of Carson 2011
Deer Run Road

Once up on Deer Run Road, riders were treated to some of the fastest descents of the ride along the rolling foothill road. I talked to one rider that wished they were a bit longer though…

Tour of Carson
Wild Horses on Deer Run Road

Wild Horses frequently cross Deer Run Road to get down to the river. We got to see a herd with a few new foals.

We crossed Highway 50, and winded around Arrowhead Drive along the north side of town. It was along this stretch that the views to the south really opened up. This is the industrial section of town, but it’s always pleasant riding on the weekends.

Tour of Carson 2011
Kings Canyon as seen from Ormsby Blvd

Once across Highway 395, we rode up Combs Canyon a bit to get to the V&T Bike Path, and began our journey back to the south. We rode along the mouths of Vicee Canyon, Ash Canyon, and Kings Canyon, and even saw a few mountain bikers out enjoying the singletrack.

Tour of Carson 2011
Heading towards the Capitol on King Street

The next leg of the ride was through the historical west side, with a nice view of the state capitol building as we rode down King Street. Once back to the center of town, we made our way over to Curry Street, enjoying the new bicycle lanes that have recently been added there. After about 29 miles, we arrived back at the Bike Habitat for BBQ and other great food, drinks, and socializing.

A big thank you to Bike Habitat for putting on another great event, and thanks to all the riders who donated to Muscle Powered and became members! We appreciate your support!

A few more photos of the ride can be found over on FLICKR.

One thought on “Bike Habitat's 2011 Tour of Carson Report

  1. I thought you might like to know because of your beautiful photo of the Deer Run mustangs. This weekend BLM has begun “zeroing out” the herd. Cyclists will no longer enjoy their company,

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