Bike to Work Week Starts Today!

Today kicks off the start of Bike to Work Week and the Carson City Corporate Challenge.

Ride with the City Supervisors

The 2010 edition of the Carson City Corporate challenge saw one upset, a surprise victory(s), and a solo rider determined to win.

Last year The Bike Smith unmercifully trounced two time defending champs Redrock Dental in the Percentage of Participation category. And adding insult to injury, TBS smugly shook the cowbell in the face of disgraced Redrock leader Dr. Drew at the Bike to Work Week Party at the Firkin & Fox. Ouch!

Bike to Work Week Party

After a dismal showing in 2009 NDOT came out of gate running and never looked back. Along the way, NDOT ripped the trophy from clutches of 2009 Highest Mileage category winner USGS (I know, I know, a trophy that I am endlessly reminded that I never gave them. Sorry about that!), and impressively taking the Trips category, too.

This photo shop is so bad I should be fired.

In the Solo category Tammy Steele improved her 2009 mileage by doing more errands by bike, thus increasing her overall mileage and sealing the win.

The 2011 Corporate Challenge is shaping up to an exciting competition. With a few new names added to the list of fourteen teams and three solo riders, this is going to be a great Bike to Work Week!

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm, CCSD, CV Sports, DETR – Cyclepaths,
Lumos & Associates, NDEP-“We’re No Fuels”, NV Division of State Lands – “Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal”, Nevada Guard Rough Riders, NV State Parks – “The Ultimate Outsiders”, NDOT, Redrock Dental, Resource Concepts, Inc,
Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic, U.S. Geological Survey, USPS
John Aragon, Tasha Gardner, Tammy Steele

Good luck to everyone, and ride safe!

Don’t forget to meet a the Tapshack after work for a pint and live music. 113 Rice Street

5 thoughts on “Bike to Work Week Starts Today!

  1. I suggest a drug test for that USGS Team!!! I know two of those riders train at CrossFit RAD and that Box is sketchy when it comes to performance enhancing…

    Just sayin…

  2. How can you say that about My Athletes??? Look at that build on Toby! Obviously thats ALL hard work, dedication and a Proper diet. And only the occasional IPA when deserved.

  3. Public attack and speculation. We’ve all seen this before in France. No positive B tests here (and if so is was the Jack Daniels or my naturally elevated Old Spice manliness).

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