Weekend Events

If you’re left wanting more after tonight’s party, don’t worry. There are two more fun events going on this weekend that you should know about.

Put your best foot forward
Put Your Best Foot Forward

On Saturday, May 21st, come down to Riverview Park at the end of 5th Street to Put Your Best Foot Forward and Run for the Bucket. There will be two courses. A 5K for the more ambitious, which can be ran, ridden, or walked. The second course is only 1.25 miles, and is good for a short run or the kids. All donations received at this event go directly to CASA, Muscle Powered, and We Can.  Starts and 9:00, but come earlier to sign up.

Gonads and Strife
Gonads and Strife Poker Run

On Sunday, May 22nd, the Gonads and Strife Poker Run will be held up in Reno and Sparks. This is a fun cruiser event with a lot of fun stops and prizes.  Proceeds for this event will go to the Gary Setzer Cancer Fund.  Gary is one of the founding members of this bike club and event.  And as you can imagine, he could use our help right now!  11:00 AM Sign-up at the Great Basin Brewery.   Ride at High Noon.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Events

  1. this is always fun and a great party I gave them a nice phat bikes cruiser and not the cheap stuff it’s the phanatic in black and sliver 2011 retail price 370.00. I have know Gary for a few years he was always the guy to help any one with there bike, lone a friend a bike to do a ride,and at one time I gave him old tubes because he was fixing kids bikes that could not afford tubes.

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