2011 Bike to Work Week Wrap Up

Jeff Potter told you about the Corporate Challenge results below. But when we weren’t fighting tooth and nail for miles and trips, we came together for a few social events and bicycle clinics!


Jennie Hamiter taught a Womens Bicycle Repair Clinic down at the Bike Habitat on May 4th. The idea was to have a class for women, taught by women, with no male interference. Many times the ladies don’t get as much hands on repair experience, since the guys often jump in to take over the duties. While this is a nice gesture, the girls don’t always get the skills they need when they’re out on their own. Jennie went over wheel removal, flat repair, rear derailleur adjustment, and answered questions that the audience had. The class was successful, and a more advanced class has been asked for as a follow up!

Jennie Hamiter
Jennie Hamiter teaches the Womens Bike Repair Clinic

Womens Bike Clinic
Students enjoy the Womens Bike Repair Clinic


A week later, The Bike Smith hosted a Flat Tire Repair Clinic on May 11th. Mickey went over flat tire repair, and then went on to answer questions from the audience. It was good to see some new faces at this clinic, and I could see that people were excited to learn some new skills.

Bike Smith Flat Tire Repair Clinc
Two young ladies that attended the flat tire repair clinic

Bike Smith Flat Tire Repair Clinc
Mickey shows the proper technique for flat tire repair


On Saturday May 14th, Marcus Marchegger hosted Bike Movie Night at his shop, Capitol Automotive. Pam Anderson at Straw Hat Pizza provided us with several large pizzas, and Muscle Powered supplied some munchies. Marcus searched far and wide, and found what many would agree to be the best cycling film of all time. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! In previous years, we’ve had plenty of serious documentaries, so it was nice to lighten up the mood this year. Everyone had a great time, and nobody left hungry. Following the movie we had a a Big Adventure trivia contest. I don’t want to brag, but I scored highly on my keen knowledge of the film…

Bike Movie Night
Theater Parking

Jason and Tasha
Jason and Tasha Gardner talk with Jeff Potter after the movie

Bike Movie Night
Luxurious Theater Accommodations

Bike Movie Night
Possibly the best cycling film of all time…

More photos of Bike Movie Night HERE.


Monday May 16th was the first day of Bike to Work Week. We celebrated the first day with a fun social down at the Tap Shack on Rice Street. James Wilsey came down from Reno to play guitar and sing for us, and we filled up the back patio with bikes. It was a chilly beginning to the week, so it was nice to be huddled into the cozy Tap Shack to stay warm. The tunes went on until about 10:00 PM, and we even had people help James out on the singing.

Bike Night at the Tap Shack
James Wilsey performs as Jessica sits in for a few verses

Bike Night at the Tap Shack
Kelly Clark and Lee Harter enjoying the Tap Shack

Bike Night at the Tap Shack
Ashley Dale prepares for the ride home

More photos from Social Night HERE.


Our annual West Side Cruiser Run was on May 18th. The weather was questionable the whole day, but we decided to go for it. Shortly after work, the sky darkened and it started pouring rain. I thought the ride was doomed. But just 10 minutes before the ride, the rain stopped! I pedaled down to Telegraph Square, and riders were starting to show up in spite of the weather. We had 38 riders sign up for the ride, and then we rode a 4 mile meandering route through the historical west side and surrounding neighborhoods. We had some funny costumes on the ride as well. At least I’m pretty sure they were costumes…

West Side Cruiser Ride
Whoo Hoo, Witchy Woman, she got the moon in her eye… (aka Jenny Scanland)

West Side Cruiser Ride
Hula Rider Ashley Dale

West Side Cruiser Ride
Nathan Harrison takes the Hi-Wheeler for a spin…Look Out!

West Side Cruiser Ride
Kelly Clark – Costume or real life?

West Side Cruiser Ride
Group Photo at Sunset Park

West Side Cruiser Ride
Cruising up Mary Street

More Photos of the Cruiser Ride HERE.


Bike to Work day arrived on May 20th, and we finally had nice weather!  The day began with Free Coffee at Comma Coffee and participating area Starbucks.  I rode down to Comma Coffee and hung out for about a half hour.  This was definitely our biggest turnout for coffee in the four years I’ve been helping to plan Bike Month.   Various commuter teams came in for their morning java, but there was no trash talking…only the sharing of the excitement of the day and the stories of the fun we had all week.

Comma Coffee
Free morning coffee at Comma Coffee!

After work, riders pedaled down to the Firkin and Fox for our end of the week celebration. The High Sierra Brewery donated a couple kegs, and Hick’ry Switch was there to entertain the crowd with their lively bluegrass music. Proceeds from the raffle tickets and beer sales went to benefit Muscle Powered, and both were selling fast. The grand prizes were two cruiser bikes from Phat Cycles that Dan Turner at the Bicycle Authority helped us acquire. In year’s past, the bikes have been highly contested items, but this year, the raffle went smoothly, and the bikes seemed to find their new owners just fine. Many other great prizes from local businesses were given out as well, and many people went home a winner.

Winners of the Corporate Challenge were announced, and once again, NDOT really cleaned house. I was happy to be on the 2nd place team for the number of trips though! In the end we all had a total of 1,222 trips made by bike or on foot, and 3,792 miles traveled without a motor vehicle! These are big numbers when you think of the impact on our city’s roadways. Bike to Work Day needs to be way more often. The party went until after dark, with many folks even staying well past the raffle. It was a party so fun, that it made the front page of the local paper the next day!

Bike to Work Week Party
Cortney Bloomer and Jeff Moser battle for most colorful shirt

Bike to Work Week Party
Hick’ry Switch Performs and entertains the crowd

Bike to Work Week Party
Robin and Dan Ochsenschlager and Jill Martin enjoy a warm (finally!) evening

Bike to Work Week Party
Jeff Potter presents NDOT’s Bill Story with a very special award

Bike to Work Week Party
Bill Grasberger helps others and himself out with the High Sierra Brewery OMG IPA

Bike to Work Week Party
Heidi Ayarbe and nieces win the Womens Cruiser!

Bike to Work Week Party
Tom Young, Winner of the Mens Cruiser!

Bike to Work Week Party
Brent and Sandie Ruybalid and Scott Russel prepare for a safe ride home

Bike to Work Week Party
Danielle Cook helps sell beer and raffle tickets until the very end

More photos of the party HERE


Saturday morning came way too fast, but I made it down to Riverview Park for the Run/Walk/Bike Put Your Best Foot Forward event. All ages of participants showed up to enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery. Local groups CASA, We Can, and Muscle Powered all volunteered for the event, and we all shared the donations that the participants threw into the bucket. There were plenty of snacks as well, and all the kids went home with a prize. Good times!

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Participants make their way to the Mexican Ditch Trail

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Jean Bondiett stationed at the course turn-around on the Mexican Ditch Trail

More photos of Put Your Best Foot Forward HERE.

Thank you to everyone who planned, volunteered, and donated goods and services! Thank you to the Nevada Appeal for doing a great job covering Bike Month. But most of all, thank you to everyone who showed up and participated in our events and made them worth planning in the first place! It’s our hope that everyone had a lot of fun, but also that we inspired more people to consider their bikes as a legitimate form of transportation. Don’t put those bikes away. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Hope to see everyone at Thursday’s Bike Polo Tournament at the Bicycle Authority!

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