What Happened to Spring?

I remember thinking Spring was just around the corner back in February, and then we entered the longest period of consistent cold/wind/snow/rain that I can remember having in this area.  I’m sure many of you have been up in the Sierras or have seen some of the photos.  We got a lot of snow.  Here are a couple photos from earlier in the year that my friends shared with me.  You can see the houses buried under the snow in the first one if you look close.

DEEP snow up at Lake Tahoe by Julia Sutton – March 29th

Some years, we’re already riding the Flume Trail by now. Here’s what Flume Trail Bikes recently reported on trail conditions up on the mountain:

Record snow pack in the high country this spring. And it keeps snowing. Our best guess is the Flume Trail will be rideable the third week of June 2011.

We plan to open the rental shop and Flume Trail shuttle service Saturday June 18th. If it stays cool that may have to be pushed back a week.

The Tahoe Rim Trail Tahoe Meadows area might be rideable mid July 2011.

Riding out of Tahoe Meadows won’t be possible until AFTER the longest day of the year!   That’s right, we’ll already be on the decline back to winter before enjoying that trail.

Flume Trail Bikes has a couple photos of the Marlette Lake area that were taken on May 26th HERE.

Snow at the Flume Trail Trailhead
Amy Potter at the Flume Trail Bike Shop – March 29th

Fortunately, it looks as though there may not be much time left to complain, as the long range forecast is for 70’s and 80’s and sunny. We may just bypass Spring this year and go right into Summer. Thankfully the local trails are fantastic right now, so there’s plenty to ride while we’re waiting for Tahoe to thaw. Enjoy the coming warm days!

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