Bike Polo Tonight

A bike polo tournament has been setup for tonight, June 9th! Come down and play or just to watch. Either way you’re going to have fun. Pretty much any bike will work, but there’s a good chance of contact, either with another bike or the ground. Don’t bring your favorite bike if you’re afraid of taking a little damage. Also, since the mallet must be in the right hand, a bike with 2 brakes or a foot brake is preferable. If your bike only has a rear brake, you can also move it over to the left side.  We rotate people on the teams, and everyone who wants to play gets to.

Bike Polo

When: Thursday, June 9th, 6:00PM
Where: Meet at the Bicycle Authority, 1501 N Carson St. We’ll probably take the game around the corner to the Pioneer High School (formerly Corbett Elementary) at Corbett and Fall Streets and use the basketball court. So if you get there a little later and don’t see us, this is where we’ll be.
Bonus: Some of us will visit The Tap Shack for a pint after the game if you’d like to join us.
Disclaimer: Although we just play for fun, it’s not unlikely for a spill or contact. Play at your own risk!

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