Bike Polo Thursday

More Bike Polo tonight, Thursday, August 4th! We’ll be meeting up again after 6PM behind the old Colonial Bank at Stewart Street and Washington Streets. There will be a couple of the regulars missing tonight, so we need more players. We have plenty of mallets for everyone, so just show up with your bike.

Bike Polo

I don’t think there’s any agreement on what makes the best polo bike, but this to me is part of the fun. There’s a fun randomness to it, and you never know what bike will show up. For some, the game has given new life to some of the old derelict mountain bikes just sitting in their garages. Others bring down their tough bikes like cruiser BMXs and Dirt Jumpers.

Bike Polo
Old Specialized Stumpjumper

I think my favorite polo bike belongs to Jason Gardner. In addition to the brakes that squeal like frightened pigs and make the whole bike shudder when applied, the custom Twister spoke guard adds a lot of style and terrifies opponents beyond belief.

Bike Polo

It would appear that the most valuable safety gear for Polo is knee and shin guards. The legs can take a beating when in close combat or when you get locked up and fall over. The injuries in the photo above were sustained from friendly fire. Dan’s own teammate took him out. Maybe we need jerseys to help keep things sorted out!

Bike Polo
Getting the kids involved

The kids have been getting involved in the action too. We’ve been having a couple special kid matches during the evening, and they seem to be loving it as much as we are.

During a recent visit to the Tap Shack, there was talk of closing down Rice Street for a polo game and other festivities. Maybe in September?

3 thoughts on “Bike Polo Thursday

  1. Bummer!!!!!!! you will both be missed…Have a nice dinner, and we will see you at the next match…….

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