Bike Carson-Tahoe Grand Opening

There is soon to be a new bike shop in town! Chris Huber will be celebrating the grand opening of his full service bike shop, Bike Carson-Tahoe, this weekend with an open house and a couple of bike rides. In addition to sales and service, Bike Carson-Tahoe will also feature high end bicycle rentals, shuttle service for one-way rides, and guided tours. Bicycle brands to be featured at the shop include Cannondale, Ibis, Argon 18, and Leopard.

Here’s a look at what Chris is doing this weekend:

When: Saturday, August 6th. 9:00 AM.
Where: 385 Hot Springs Rd #1, Carson City, NV 89706
What: Meet at the shop at 9:00 AM for a 30 mile road ride, open house and food after the ride.

When: Sunday, August 7th. 9:00 AM.
Where: 385 Hot Springs Rd #1, Carson City, NV 89706
What: Meet at the shop at 9:00 AM. Shuttle ride to Spooner Lake for a mountain bike ride.

More Info
Find Bike Carson-Tahoe on Facebook:!/pages/Bike-Carson-Tahoe/181195245263681
The Bike Carson-Tahoe Website:

3 thoughts on “Bike Carson-Tahoe Grand Opening

  1. The bike shops all seem to be different enough for another one. I really like the rental aspect though. Carson really needs bike rentals if we hope to grow bicycle tourism. People come to our city, rent bikes, ride the trails, eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels. Or they’ll just go somewhere else that offers what they need!

  2. What’s cool about Bike Carson Tahoe is that it has it’s own niche with bike rentals, bike tours, custom frames, and different bike brands. Also unique will be the spinning classes and sports massage (coming soon!). I agree with Jeff, we need bike rentals in Carson City to increase tourism and take advantage of the great trails and bike paths we have (and will soon have once phase 3 of the freeway is complete).

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