Cavery Cab

After starting a family, it can be difficult to keep riding like you did before the baby arrived. It’s not always easy or affordable to find a babysitter, and so you often find you and your spouse taking turns out on the trails. Local riders Cullen and Melissa Jones were determined to keep riding after the birth of their son though, so they designed and built the Cavery Cab, a single wheeled, off-road bike trailer. The trailer went through a few prototypes, until finally the Cab got the Cavery seal of approval. The latest design works great over smooth singletrack, even over uneven terrain.

Cavery Cab

Think a Cavery Cab would work good for your family? Cullen will build you one!  Here are some details on the Cavery Cab from their website:

The Cavery Cab is a single wheel bike trailer serving as the ultimate mountain bike trailer for families. It was inspired by the birth of our son Cavery. We realized that we needed special gear to help us continue enjoying our favorite trails as a couple- and now as a family. Encouraged by our son’s total love of all things outdoors and with wheels, we set out to find a trailer that would allow us to bring him with us on our bike rides. Unable to find a trailer that met our criteria, we resolved to make one. After testing various designs, we finally have the single track trailer with features we all want- safe, smooth, comfortable, and fun!

Cavery Cab

The trailer works using a single-wheel design and attaches to the seat post of a rider’s bike, allowing you to ride single track trails. It is fitted with a rear suspension shock giving a smooth ride over uneven terrain. The trailer attaches to seat posts of 31.6 mm and 27.2 mm diameter using the appropriate adapter sleeves. A child of up to 40 pounds rides in a Graco or Cosco Convertible Car Seats which can be clipped to secure points on the Cavery Cab frame.

Cavery Cab

Cullen made and tested several prototypes of the single-wheel suspension kid trailer until he found the right combination of features that gave the smoothest ride on all types of terrain for …both rider and trailer. The Cavery Cab has allowed us to share many special moments together outside and off road. As we ride the trails, we continue to meet riders who would like a Cavery Cab either for taking along kids or gear where ordinary bike trailers can’t go. If you would like one, just let us know! Happy Trail Riding!

Cavery Cab

For more info, photos, video, and pricing:

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6 thoughts on “Cavery Cab

  1. A little pricey dont ya think? At that point a baby sitter would be cheaper…i think I rather put my kid in a BOB yak.

  2. Thanks Jeff for writing this post!!! The Cavery Cab has been awesome! I agree with the other comments that $900 is steep. You have to consider that it is all locally made the BOB, Chariot, Burley, and other carriers are made in China. If you want a similar trailer to the Cavery Cab there is one made in Germany for $2,100. Thanks again for the support everyone!!!

    1. I am interested in buying a single wheel baby trailer, are you still making the Cavery Cab? I tried to go to your website but got an error message.

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