Niner YAWYD Top Cap Review

A lot of people like bikes. A lot of people like beer. And there’s a subset of these two groups that really like both. For this group, Niner Bikes has made available the YAWYD (You Are What You Drink) Top Cap.

Nine YAWYD Top Cap
YAWYD Top Cap replaces existing top cap

The Niner YAWYD Top Cap replaces your existing top cap so that you can snap your favorite beer bottle cap over the built in lip to customize your ride. Installation is simple. Just remove your existing steering tube cap, and bolt on the YAWYD. The YAWYD has a specially shaped top that is similar to the top of a beer bottle. Carefully remove a bottle cap off your favorite brew, and just snap it on to the top cap. If it doesn’t snap tight, use a pair of needle nose pliers to snug the bottle cap’s crimped edges around the top cap. Niner suggests you ride your bike a bit to make sure the headset is snug before covering up the bolt with the bottle cap.

Nine YAWYD Top Cap
Choose your favorite bottle cap to customize your ride

While the YAWYD Top Cap adds flair to your bike, it is not directly performance enhancing. The YAWYD may have some indirect benefits though. It can serve as a visual reminder of the cold brew that is waiting for you at the end of the trail, and this may be just enough to keep you going when the legs are trying to tell you they can do no more.

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2 thoughts on “Niner YAWYD Top Cap Review

  1. I am sorry i missed your post. i must check in here more often. Glad to see your enjoy your X-mas gift. Ride on!!
    p.s. i have the same cap on my bike right now!

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