Trail Building Volunteers Needed

I’m often asked by the local mountain bikers, how can I get involved in building the trails? Well here you go. Here are two upcoming opportunities advertised in the latest news release from Muscle Powered.

Max adding the finishing touch to a switchback on the HLT


No previous trail building experience needed. Work for all or part of the day. Volunteers must wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt, sturdy hiking shoes or boots and glasses or sunglasses. Hard hats and tools are provided. Bring water and lunch.

Muscle Powered Trail Building

Friday, Sept 2nd – Hobart Link Trail Workday

From Bill the Ranger: This trail will be a beautiful and fun multi-use but mostly mountain biking alternative to the steep, hot, dusty Sunflower Hill Rd. The trail is close to half done and we are excited to be building the first trail in the park primarily designed for biking so please join us!

  • Meet at: Lakeview Gate in Lakeview subdivision just north of Carson City – follow Hobart road uphill to gate. We will gather here and caravan up to the work site.
  • Time: 8am – 3pm
  • Clothing/misc: long pants, work shirt, hat, water, lunch, sun lotion, boots
  • Tools/supervision: Parks will provide
  • Transportation: you may drive your 4×4 or team up with another volunteer
  • Exit time: we should be finishing up at roughly 3-3:30pm and then caravanning out.


Carson Valley Trails Association:

Help build the Sierra Canyon Trail that connects to the Tahoe Rim Trail and Carson Valley Discovery Trail!

Saturday, September 3rd -Sierra Canyon Trail

From Jeremy Vlcan:  Park at the junction of Centennial Drive and Snowshoe Lane by 8 a.m. and walk up Snowshoe Lane to the kiosk and trail. Centennial Drive is 1/2 mile north of Genoa. If you’re late, follow the trail behind the kiosk and walk almost one mile up to the end of the trail where we are working.

  • No experience needed. Work as long as you like. Cold drinks provided. Bring a lunch.
  • Required work wear are long pants, long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses for eye protection, hiking shoes and work gloves.
  • Tools and hard hats are provided.
  • Work days through September are posted at

If you plan on helping with the Hobart Trail Link please contact Jeff Potter. For the Sierra Canyon Trail just show up.

Jeff Potter:


Jeff Potter

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