Bike Polo this Thursday

Because of Burning Man and other events, we were short a few players last week. We ended up playing 2 on 2, two people down from the usual 3 on 3. There was much less chaos and confusion on the court, and players were able to better concentrate on teamwork. So while we weren’t official, we got to practice some skills, and most importantly, still had lots of fun.

Bike Polo

Normally we have been playing every other week, but due to the shorter days of September, we decided we’d better squeeze another evening game in quick. So come on down this Thursday the 8th! Get in a game before it’s too late.

When: Thursday, September 8th, 6:15PM
Where: Parking Lot behind the old Colonial Bank at 901 North Stewart Street (across from Smiths on Valley Street)
Disclaimer: Although we just play for fun, it’s not unlikely for a spill or contact. Play at your own risk, both body and bike. Helmet, knee and shin guards are recommended.

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