Nevada Day Weekend

We had fantastic weather this Nevada Day weekend, and it was a great time to get out on the bike (isn’t it always though?). On Friday, I got to explore the new C-Hill trail. Later that day, I got the bikes all polished up for the Nevada Day Parade!

Nevada Day Parade
Lining up with the Grand Marshal

My family and I had the honor of riding up front with the Grand Marshal in Saturday’s Nevada Day Parade. This year’s theme was “The Great Outdoors”, and we represented mountain biking. Along with us were some anglers, hikers, backpackers, and a few kids representing the various ball sports.

Nevada Day Parade
The parade begins

Even though we were near the front, there was still a good deal of horse manure to navigate through. I chose to steer clear of it, while my son saw it as an obstacle course, choosing instead to weave in and out of the green road apples, not unlike an asteroid scene out of Star Wars. While it looked fun, the possibility of sliding out and crashing in a fresh batch of meadow muffins in front of hundreds of onlookers didn’t seem worth the risk to me. Luckily he rode the whole parade route with no mishaps.

Nevada Day Parade
Nevada Day Parade – photo by Bethany Drysdale

We saw a few familiar faces along the parade route, but for the most part, it was sensory overload. Between the hundreds of parade goers shouting from the sidelines, the bellowing of the vuvuzelas, the hullabaloo of horns and drums from the Carson High marching band that we closely trailed, I had tunnel vision. So if I missed your wave, my apologies. It was over too quick, but we did have a lot of fun. Thank you to Joy Evans from the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau for the invite to be part of the parade!

Ash Canyon Video Shoot
Video Shoot – Climbing Ash Canyon Road

Later in the day after the parade, we joined a few other mountain bikers for the filming of an upcoming mountain bike promotional video that will eventually appear on the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website,

Ash Canyon Video Shoot
Video Shoot – Descending Ash Canyon Road

Around a dozen mountain bikers of all ages gathered up in Ash Canyon. Before we got riding though, we shot some hiking video. The videographer wanted my wife and our two dogs to be the hikers, but then suggested that more people be included in the scene. My son and I joined in, me in all my cycling gear, minus helmet and gloves. I’m not sure how it will turn out, but I suspect it will look a little odd. I’m glad I wasn’t wearing tights.

Ash Canyon Video Shoot
Video Shoot – Singletrack

The videographer got some good footage of us riding on Ash Canyon Road, but we all insisted that we get some video of singletrack riding as well. If you want people from afar to come ride here, a simple fire road may not be all that enticing. Luckily we were right at a trail junction, so it was just a short climb up the embankment for the next filming. We all climbed up a series of switchbacks, regrouped, and then descended for the camera. It should look pretty cool. When I find out when the video has been edited and posted, I’ll let you know.

Ash Canyon Video Shoot
Video Shoot – Finishing Up

It’s great to see that Carson City is really behind the mountain biking and other outdoor activities this area has to offer. If we want people to visit Carson City, stay, and spend money here, we need to offer more than just dark smokey casinos.

I didn’t make it to the other bicycle events this weekend. Did you? How were they?

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