Bike Path Sabotage

My friend Christy sent me this photo of a cable strung across one of our city’s multi-use paths. This is the new path between Hells Bells and Lepire that parallels Fairview Drive just north of the 5th Street Roundabout. She says she’s found the gates closed several times, but today was the first cable incident, and said she was very lucky that she didn’t crash. Based on the times of day the gates have been closed, Christy suspects middle school traffic.

Cable across bike path
Cable across path

Christy reported the problem to the city, and she says they were quick to respond. Here’s the latest:

We are taking care of the cabling and the problem with the open gates. The contractor is setting a permanent post to lock the gates in the open position. And we’ll reconfigure the cabling to make sure that situation doesn’t happen again.

I haven’t been on the new path myself, but from the photo, it looks like the fence around the ditch has been damaged, leaving long sections of loose cable. I suspect this may take a little while to get fixed, so keep your eyes open if traveling this path! Stay safe.

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