Riding to the C

We rode the new C Hill Trail today at lunch, but this time decided to go all the way to the “C” and big American Flag that overlooks Carson City.  

C Hill Trail
Top of new trail where it meets the road

The new trail doesn’t go all the way up yet, but it does end near the old access road. From there, it’s just a short steep climb up to the next saddle where you can access the trail that leads to the Flag and C.

C Hill Trail
At the flag above the C

The trail up to the C is a steep climb, but pretty smooth. I had to walk up some of it on my single speed, but the guys with granny gears went right up it. It was quite a thrill to get out on the face of the mountain. The face drops off dramatically, giving you a really high up feeling.

C Hill Trail
Looking east

It’s still an out and back from here, but at the saddle below the C and flag, the trail is at a good elevation to easily connect it around the south side of the mountain to the Longview Trail. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen soon!

C Hill Trail
View to the North


As I was typing up this post, I read that a mountain lion was seen in this area recently, and even appeared to be stalking a jogger. This is after one was killed over the weekend in Lakeview! Be careful out there!

4 thoughts on “Riding to the C

  1. i hope when you say “one was killed over the weekend” you mean a mountain lion and not a jogger.
    looks like a beauty place (and day) to ride!

    1. Oh yeah, a mountain lion was killed. Apparently it attacked and killed someone’s 14 year old Husky and was guarding the kill! Wildlife came in to tranquilize it, but the cat had a reaction to it and died. Also heard this morning that 2 more were seen out by the Carson River. We must be under attack…

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