Bicycle Boulevard

I’m currently on the road right now, and so posts may be sporadic this Thanksgiving week. Here’s something you may find interesting though, a Bicycle Boulevard that I saw in Arcata, CA. Wikipedia says, “a bicycle boulevard is a low speed street which has been optimized for bicycle traffic. Bicycle boulevards discourage cut-through motor vehicle traffic but allow local motor vehicle traffic. They are designed to give priority to cyclists as through-going traffic. They are intended to improve cyclist comfort and/or safety.”

Bicycle Blvd in Arcata, CA
Bicycle boulevard in Arcata, CA

Many times a bicycle boulevard will discourage non-local traffic, but in this example, it’s one of the main roads into the downtown Arcata square. It’s a one-way two-lane road, but one entire lane is blocked off for incoming auto traffic. Only a bicycle can squeeze through the blockade, and the road is clearly marked for bicycles with symbols and a green path. As a bonus, this path doesn’t obstruct parking for the businesses.

Do you think this design would work in Carson City? If so, which streets? I’ve had this discussion before with others, and we thought Nevada Street on the west side might make a good bicycle boulevard. The thought would be to maintain two way traffic, but have many traffic calming features in place with plenty of bicycle signage.

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