Winter Wonder(ing where it went) Land

Hey, Winter!  Where did you go?  Not only has there been no precipitation in Carson City the whole month of December, it’s actually warming up too. It almost feels October-ish out there by mid-day with the temperatures hitting the low 50s, and it looks like just more of the same in the long range forecast.

Ash Canyon
Winter Wonder(ing where it went) Land

It’s definitely strange weather for December. I got out for a ride on Monday, and the trails are sandy, the switchbacks are silty, and the edges are soft. Watching the dust clouds rise off the back wheels this time of year just doesn’t seem right.  My prowess on the singletrack is definitely diminished with fewer hours on the bike, and this is at a time when I’m counting on extra traction to make up for my lack of skills! A few more rest breaks were also required to make it to the top.  But in spite of the lack of fitness and dexterity, a good time was definitely had.  It lifts the spirits to get some sunshine and get active.

Log Skinny
Nathan Harrison on the Log Skinny

It looks like Carson City bicycle commuters will get off easy the remainder of December too. With only the cold to deal with, what is typically one of the hardest months for bicycle commuting has been a snap. Where is the snow and ice? Where are the blizzards? Maybe next month…

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonder(ing where it went) Land

  1. I know this weather is a once in a lifetime deal, so every day I cruise down the creek trail and yell wooohooo.

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