New Access Road to Ash Canyon

I’ve heard talk of this project for a while, but it looks like they’ve finally started construction on the rerouting of the access road to Ash Canyon.

Ash Canyon Road
New Road Construction

While most mountain bikers now enter Ash Canyon at the unofficial Foothill Road trailhead, it’s not uncommon for riders to access the Ash Canyon dirt road that begins in the Wellington neighborhood. This is also the only way into the canyon legally if you’re in a motorized vehicle, and the way to get to Hobart Reservoir for fishing. As you can imagine, the traffic has increased quite a bit through this residential area as more and more people realize the recreational potential of Carson City’s west side.  The new road will begin at the end of Ash Canyon Road, just to the south of the old Wellington entrance.

Ash Canyon Road
Road Below the Water Towers

This reroute looks like it will benefit most everyone. Residents of the Wellington neighborhood will see far less thru-traffic, and trail users will enjoy a gentler grade up to the water towers. I’m not certain what the final road surface will look like, but at this point it looks like it will be more durable and less prone to washouts and mud.

2 thoughts on “New Access Road to Ash Canyon

  1. I have heard that this new road goes all the way up to Hobart Lake…true? Have you been all the way and what condition is the road in as of now? I have always wanted to fish Hobart but was leery of the road.

    Thanks for your input.

    1. The road has long gone up to Hobart Road, just the entrance to this road has changed. But while the road goes all the way to Hobart, public vehicle access all the way there does not. It is possible to drive pretty close though, and the locked gate puts you within a mile or so of Hobart Reservoir. From there it’s a pretty easy hike to the lake.

      The road becomes really steep not too far after the water towers. In some places it gets pretty narrow too, and it may be difficult to pass if you meet another vehicle coming the opposite direction. There have been a few accidents and even a fatality on this stretch in recent years. If your 4×4 is in good shape, you take it easy, and drive when you have good visibility, it shouldn’t be a problem though. The road isn’t overly technical or rocky…mostly just sandy with a few tall water bars (high clearance vehicle recommended).

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