Bridgestone Picnica Folding Bicycle

Here’s an interesting bicycle on saw on my way to work this morning. A Google search suggests this is a folding bike by Bridgestone named the Picnica that was introduced in the 80s.

Bridgestone Picnica Folding Bicycle

As you may guess by the appearance, this bike was mainly available in Japan. What you can’t see from the photo, due to the full coverage chain guard, is that it is belt driven. I didn’t even notice this myself, and hope to get a closer look at the drivetrain next time I see it…provided the yard duties at the school don’t chase me off.

3 thoughts on “Bridgestone Picnica Folding Bicycle

  1. Hey! That’s my bike. Actually, it’s my grandmothers. Yes, she brought over from Japan in the 80’s sometime. A family treasure & a great way to commute. Glad to see others appreciate it!

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