Flume Trail Mountain Bikes to Open Soon

As you might expect from the view of the mountains down here in Carson, the snow is melting off fast up there.  Here’s the latest update from Flume Trail Bikes:

Marlette Lake 5/4/12
Remaining snow drift along Marlette Lake (photo by Flume Trail Bikes)

5/4/12 flume trail update – Photo is the biggest drift left from winter. Maybe 3 minute hike across it. All clear from Spooner to Marlette saddle. 2 minute hike over snow then one can ride all the way down to Marlette and around to the fish ladders skirting the many snow drifts. Patchy around Marlette but mostly able to ride over most snow. Flume is mostly clear. Some small drifts left. Two trees across the trail. Top of tunnel creek road has maybe 6 pretty small drifts to the tunnel site then clear.

We will open the bike shop and run shuttles weekends starting May 12th, then full time May 25th. Maybe the first weekend of June for the Tahoe rim trail.

For more trail updates, follow Flume Trail Mountain Bikes on Facebook HERE.

One thought on “Flume Trail Mountain Bikes to Open Soon

  1. Took a shot at Riding Tahoe Meadows to Carson on the 6th.

    Not a chance! Still a LOT of snow at that end.

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