First Bike Polo Games of the Season

The dark clouds were threatening, and it was a bit breezy, but most of the core group of polo riders rode down to the old bank for the first game of the year regardless. The gang has been itching to play for months, ever since the early sunsets of autumn that finally shut down the games last year.

Bike Polo 2012
The riders and the ball are often going different directions

You could be sad that another bank bit the dust. Or you could look on the bright side, and be grateful that they left you such a fine hard court to play bike polo on! The size of this lot is perfect, and it has nice curbing on the sides to help keep the ball in play. The goal areas have more space behind them than is ideal, but at least the ball seldom makes it out into the street.

Bike Polo 2012
Jason about to press Dan up against the wall

When we arrived, we found that the court has started to go back to nature. More cracks have developed, and weeds have started to sprout up from many of them. There was also a lot of broken glass on the south end, but thankfully Chip had the wisdom to bring a broom and a dustpan. We left the place better than we found it!

Bike Polo 2012
Dan heads to the Tap Out Cone

We changed the rules slightly this year. While last year we had 3 periods for each match, this year we play to 4 points. This seemed to work out good, since nobody has to keep time, and we never broke between periods last year anyhow. Keeping score is now easier too.

Bike Polo 2012
Kristy and Chip

We had just enough players last week, with only one person sitting out each game. My 11 year old son sat out one game, and was able to get all these great photos. Most of us though had to play all night, and we were pooped by the end of the night. We could really use some more players (hint, hint)! Ladies, you too. It’d be awesome to see an all girls match.

Bike Polo 2012
The old pass under the bottom bracket trick

It was cool to see that the game play is picking up where we left off last year. There is more emphasis on teamwork, and fewer 50 yard Hail Marys. There were a few bumps and scrapes, a couple collision induced brake problems, one flat tire, and a few perfectly executed mallet strippings. The game is definitely evolving, and I’m excited for a great season of bike polo!

Bike Polo 2012
Even girls tap out sometimes

The forecast is looking great for tonight’s (May 10th) game, so please come on down. I know there are some people that have other commitments on Thursday evenings, so we’ll try to rotate nights (and maybe add a weekend day) in the future to help accommodate everyone.

Thank you to Charlie Moser for your photography work!

Next Game:

When: Thursday, May 10th, 6:00PM
Where: Parking Lot behind the old Colonial Bank at 901 North Stewart Street (across from Smiths on Valley Street)
Disclaimer: Although we just play for fun, it’s not unlikely for a spill or contact. Play at your own risk, to both your body and bike. Helmet, gloves, knee and shin guards are recommended.

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