Mountain Bikes for Sale at Tunnel Creek Cafe

Each year, Flume Trail Bikes up at Lake Tahoe sells off their rental fleet to make room for next year’s models. These high quality mountain bikes are less than a year old, well maintained, and are being sold for nearly half off the original retail price.

Specialized Camber
Specialized Camber

If you’re interested in checking out these bikes, they are now located at the Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline, located at 1115 Tunnel Creek Road at the old Ponderosa Ranch.  Here’s a look at what bikes are still available:

Specialized                      Sale Price    Retail
26” Camber comp (M)      $995              $1850
29” Camber (L and XL)     $1195            $2200
29” Camber COMP (M)    $1695            $2750

Giant Trance
Giant Trance

Giant                                          Sale Price    Retail
26” Trance X3 (S, M, L, XL)        $1195            $2250
29” Anthem X1 (XL)                    $1795            $2950
29” XTC Hardtail (S, M, L, XL)    $1095            $2050

More photos and specs of the bikes listed here can be found at Flume Trail Bikes.   Visit the Tunnel Creek Cafe website at

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