Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Update

My son and I joined the Muscle Powered Trail Crew over the weekend to work on the Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail. The Bike Smith hosted this particular work day, and many of the guys from the shop were there to lend a hand. We arrived at the Kings Canyon trailhead at 9:00 AM where we received a safety talk, a hard hat, and trail tools to carry up to the work site. We worked about a mile up from the trailhead, so along our walk we got to see a lot of the completed trail work and were treated to fantastic views of the city below. Most of the trail has been cut at this point, so our teams concentrated on the finish work. Some sections had to be widened. Brush and stumps had to be cut back. There was rock work to be done to build nice wide switchbacks. Here’s a look at the trail and some of the work we did:

Arriving at the work site

A nice wooded section

A section still under construction near a waterfall

Removing small stumps and roots bordering the trail

Checking on trail progress below

Cutting back the brush

Constructing a switchback

A section of completed trail

Crossing the steep hillside

Moving lots of dirt

Heading back to the trailhead

The crew worked until about 4:00 PM. We were pretty tired and covered in dirt. We also endured some smokey conditions at times from the fires in CA. We returned home with an appreciation for all the hard work of the trail builders, and anticipation that someday we’ll get to come back and ride our bikes on this amazing trail!

A cooperative effort with Muscle Powered volunteers, Carson City, and the U.S. Forest Service, the Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail will be a non-motorized multi-use mountain bike trail. Trail grade is kept at a pitch to allow riders to climb comfortably in a low gear, and descend at a controlled pace that doesn’t require the rider to be on the brakes all the time. Switchbacks, water diversions, and other trail features are designed to be ridden, so the rider doesn’t have to get off the bike. Though the trail is designed with mountain bikes in mind, it will also be suitable for runners, hikers and equestrians. When completed, the trail will be seven miles long, and will connect the Ash Canyon trail system to Kings Canyon Road. Trail crews are still completing the finish work, and two bridges must be installed to protect the creeks before the trail is officially open. It won’t be long now though. What a great asset to Carson City this will be!

4 thoughts on “Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Update

  1. Great Work! Amazing that a waterfall exists in that area. Do you know if the entire trail is to be completed this fall? How far would you estimate that the completed trail extension runs (I presume southerly from Ash Canyon)?

    1. The trail is expected to officially open next year. Two fairly large bridges need to be installed, and time is running out before it starts snowing. To be fully legal, the bridges need to be in place.

      They say it’s seven miles from the Kings Canyon Road trailhead (where the singletrack starts) to Ash Canyon Creek (where it meets up with the existing creek trail (near the top).

  2. The trail is pretty much done. Crews have been working from both ends and recently connected it all. The work we did over the weekend was more finishing work to existing trail. Everything I walked was rideable with exception of the one corner the crew built up that day.

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