Blinky Man 5: Cinco de Blinko

Blinky Man, Carson City’s costumed nighttime bike ride with lights, was back again to celebrate 5 years of Blinkin’ and Bikin’ throughout the state capital last Saturday night. Blinky Man is a pub crawl style ride, visiting restaurants and bars along the route. As usual, it was a great opportunity for fun, meeting new friends, and introducing people to new businesses.

Video from the ride:

This year’s ride met up at The Fox at the new McFadden Plaza, then proceeded around town to San Marcos Grill, Living the Good Life, Battle Born Social, The Feisty Goat, and Jimmy G’s Cigar Bar. Five of these businesses have participated in the past, and this was the first time for the newly opened Battle Born Social. It made a great excuse for getting downtown to check the new place out. Also new for this year’s Springtime ride was the bicycle and pedestrian friendly downtown. Bike lanes and wide sidewalks accommodated the dozens of event attendees, and made downtown a great place to hangout!

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Blinky Man Spring 2017

One of the great things about Blinky Man is getting people out of their cars to see the city at a slower pace. Some of the stops may seem pretty far apart geographically, and I’m sure there were some people that were concerned they’d have to ride so far. Once you get out there, though, you realize just how easy it is to get around Carson City by bike at a casual pace, even arriving at your destination in a reasonable amount of time. It really makes you want to get out there and ride some more.

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Blinky Man Spring 2017

This event is a 21 and over ride, but it still attracts people of a wide variety of ages and riding ability, from serious mountain bikers to easy town cruisers. The costumes and lights also attract the art and creativity of the Burning Man crowd. Riding Blinky Man is a somewhat surreal experience. Riding through the night, surrounded by colorful flashing lights and people in bizarre costumes, with the sounds of bass-heavy dance music and splashes of bicycle bells and horns, creates the feeling of floating in a euphoric, dreamlike state. When it’s all over, you wonder if that all just really happened.

Blinky Man Spring 2017

Spectators enjoyed the ride as well, with many people coming out of their houses to watch and clap. Motorists were patient and cheered the riders on, honking in approval rather than frustration. I even heard that the residents of the senior center loved watching the ride, and hope that future rides continue to pass their way.

Blinky Man Spring 2017

A big special thanks to the event organizers, participating businesses, enthusiastic bystanders, and all the riders for making this another fun event! It’s great to see this ride continue to grow in its 5 year run. Can’t wait for the next ride!

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