Ride with Jared Fisher to Promote a Healthy Nevada

Jared Fisher Will Ride With Carson City Residents to Promote a Healthy Nevada

by Fisher for Nevada

October 25, 2017

Carson City, NV (October 25, 2017)—People unfamiliar with Nevada are often surprised to learn that the Silver State is home to over 20 state parks, two national parks, seven national forests, world-famous mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing trails and some of the nation’s most beautiful natural scenery. There is more to Nevada than what is shown on TV—a fact which, unfortunately, tourists and would-be Nevada residents too often fail to realize.

Candidate for Governor Jared Fisher plans on changing this throughout Nevada.

Jared Fisher (photo courtesy of Escape Adventures)

Candidate for Governor Jared Fisher plans on changing this throughout Nevada.

“It’s time the world looked past the old stereotypes and saw Nevada for what it is: A vibrant, beautiful state filled with tight-knit communities and health-conscious people who are passionate about the outdoors,” Fisher stated. “If we want to diversify our economy and attract a wide variety of international businesses to our state, we are going to need to show people that Nevada is not only a fun vacation destination but a wonderful place to settle, launch a business and raise a family.”

This Saturday, October 28, Fisher is inviting outdoor enthusiasts in Northern Nevada to join him in a bike ride through the mountains west of Carson City. The ride will serve as a celebration of Nevada’s great outdoors as well as an opportunity for Nevada’s community of physically-active residents to join forces to promote a healthy Nevada. The ride will take place in Ash Canyon Trails. Interested participants are asked to meet at 3pm at Telegraph Square (intersection of Curry and Telegraph Streets). The ride is expected to last approximately two hours. Mountain bikers of all ages and experience levels are welcome to come and ride at their own pace.

To learn more or to RSVP for this event, please visit the Healthy Nevada Bike Ride in Carson City event page or email info@fisherfornevada.com.

About Fisher for Nevada

Jared Fisher is a Las Vegas businessman and candidate in the 2018 Nevada governor election. He is running on a platform for positive, productive leadership with a focus on the 3 E’s: Energy, Education and the Economy. To learn more and for daily updates from the campaign, please follow Jared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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