South Carson Complete Streets Project Update


The third in a series of public meetings concerning the South Carson Complete Streets project was held Tuesday evening (Dec 11th) in the Ormsby Room of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Dan Stucky, City Engineer, spoke to a packed house filled with citizens, local politicians, and news crews. Many of the Public Works staff were on hand to assist with answering questions along with representatives from contractors involved with the project. The room was lined with maps offering a bird’s eye view of the current design schematics the City is considering for the project. Currently, the design is approximately 30% completed and it’s expected to be completely designed by July of next year.

Dan kicked off his presentation by giving a brief history of the project to date. One significant event that has happened since the last public meeting in 2017 was the fact that Carson City was the recipient of a $7.5 million federal TIGER grant this year. Making the grant money one of the major sources of funding for the project.

The presentation then showed a 4 minute animated video of the conceptual flyover of the project corridor, which can be viewed here.



Obviously, the most exciting aspect of the entire effort (from a cycling perspective) is that this is a Complete Streets project. That means all modes of transportation are given due consideration in the design. The engineers have included the addition of a segregated 12’ wide multi-use path in the design. A landscaped buffer will offer protection for the cyclists and pedestrians from the auto traffic on S Carson St. The multi-use path will begin in the north at the proposed roundabout where the current intersection of S Carson and Stewart St is located and continue south along the east side of corridor until it reaches Clearview Dr. At which point users of the path will need to cross S Carson St at the lighted intersection to get to the west side where the path will continue south and connect to the existing multi-use path that NDOT constructed when building the intersection at the terminus of I-580.

Besides the multi-use path, the project also intends to add several safety features, including illuminated crosswalks, additional street lighting, and ADA enhancements. In addition to the safety features, the project will add some $3 million in additional storm water drainage improvements, improve access to businesses by replacing much of the median with a center turn lane, and add appealing landscaping along the roadway and multi-use path.




One of the big changes to the way traffic moves along this corridor will be the proposed roundabout (shown above). Current plans call for replacing the lighted intersection at S Carson and Stewart St with a traffic circle. Autos will no longer need to sit idly at a red light, but instead will be able to traverse the roundabout without stopping. It is anticipated that the new roundabout will decrease traffic collisions by 50%, making the street much safer. And as a nice touch to the new traffic feature, the City is contracting an artist to create a sculpture that will be prominently displayed in the center of the roundabout.

The next public meeting regarding the South Carson St Complete Streets project is scheduled to take place in either January or February of 2019. Construction should begin in late 2019 and it is expected to take approximately 18 months, putting the completion of the construction in mid 2021.

Public Works has gone to great lengths to make information on the project available to the public. All of the slides from the presentation that took place Tuesday night will be available on Text updates on the project are also available by texting CarsonProud to 31996. Following @CarsonProud on social media should also serve to keep you informed of construction progress and any newly scheduled public meetings.


20181211_163225 will continue to eagerly follow the progress of this exciting new project as it unfolds, sharing the news with our local bike community.

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