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Ash Canyon provides the best riding in Carson City. Smooth, fast singletrack, and spectacular views of the valley below. Although there is a lot of climbing on most of the trails, the trails are smooth and designed for all riders. The trails are a stacked loop system, and can be ridden in either direction. This provides lots of options and mileage in a small area. This is getting to be a pretty popular area, so be on the lookout for all trail users: bikers, hikers, and equestrians.

Ash to Kings Map
Map in PDF format HERE.

Kings to Ash with Way PointsKings Canyon to Ash Canyon Loop

Ash Canyon Trail Map
Other Ash Canyon Trails

The best way to get to the trails in Ash Canyon is off the V&T bike path which connects Ash Canyon Road to Combs Canyon Road. If you’re looking for a trailhead with off street parking, Foothill Drive off Winnie Lane is a good place. Foothill Drive is little more than a short dirt road, but provides a great place to meet up off the road, and has ample parking. MAP HERE.

To begin your ascent up the canyon, look for the Jackrabbit Trail along the south edge of Vicee Canyon (the big sand wash just south of the college).

Official Ash to Kings Trailheads are located up the Ash Canyon Backcountry access road and Kings Canyon Road.

Other Trails in Ash Canyon:

Jackrabbit Trail
Postal Route
Vicee Rim Trail
7 Steps
Deer Run
Baldy Green
Four Day Trail
Creek Trail
The Evidence Trail


Longview Trail
Longview Trail

The Longview Singletrack trailhead is located at the intersection of Longview and Kings Canyon Road. On the south side of the pavement there are two dirt roads. One heads steeply up the ridge, the other leads into the ravine. Follow the lower trail into the ravine for a short distance, and look for the singletrack on that right that continues up the ravine.

More on the Longview Trail HERE.


C-Hill Trail
C Hill Trail

There’s a new trail on C Hill that starts on the east side, and climbs up the south side of the mountain. It currently gets you up high enough to ride to the C and American Flag, and hopefully will someday tie into the Longview Trail.  This should be a great winter trail with its south and east facing slopes.

More on the C Hill trail HERE.


Centennial Trail
Centennial Trailhead

The Centennial Trail network is located on Carson City’s northeast side. There is a good selection of rolling singletrack and doubletrack to ride, and plenty of dirt roads leading out of the area for further exploration. Wild Horse sightings are common. The trails and roads intersect frequently, making it hard to tell someone how to ride the loop; however, if you’re not sure where to go, it’s hard to get lost, and you’ll have fun exploring on your own.

To get to the trailhead, go east on HWY 50, and turn north onto Arrowhead Drive just before you climb the hill to leave Carson City. Turn north again onto Centennial Park Drive, and head to the very end of the road. Look for the trailhead sign at the top of the Heritage Way loop. MAP TO TRAILHEAD

To begin the ride, follow the single track behind the trailhead sign, that climbs up the old rocky roadbed to the southwest. It’s pretty rocky to start, but smooths out after a while.

Summer at Centennial
Winter at Centennial


Iron Mountain Loop .jpg
Iron Mountain Loop Map